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Age appropriate lessons are designed with an emphasis on strong classical technique influenced by Vagaonva and Balanchine style.  Attention is given to proper alignment, coordination, flexibility and artistic expression.  A primary goal is to allow the dancer a sense of freedom and joy.
For beginner through advanced dancers who want to improve their own skills, build confidence, be coached in repertoire or variations.  Dancers are given exercises to strengthen areas that might not get enough attention in a group class.  More advanced dancers work on techniqual combinations with attention to musical phasing, speed and artistry.  Private lesson help you achieve the greatest amount of success in a shorter period of time.


Zena Rommett Floor-BarreTM combines ballet with anatomical principles of alignment.  Utilizing the floor, without the pressure of gravity, Floor-BarreTM allows muscles to relax by aligning the shoulders and pelvis with the legs and feet. All exercises are performed slowly and methodically working with flexed and pointed feet, in parallel and turned out. This technique lengthens the muscles, tones the hips and legs, and releases tension throughout the body.  
Brand Ambasador Select Podcast 
Reflections on my career as a dancer and now teacher of ballet

Virtual Ballet Barre for Dance             Theatre of Harlem

Adult Class at Mind Your Body
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